Scientific review article
Autor: mr Nataša Krstić
JEL: G21, G23, M14, Q42

Summary: Financial sector is the backbone of modern economic systems. As a global industry with numerous, mutually intertwined business relations, both towards the commercial sector and retail clients, it is rightfully considered to be in the focus of responsible behaviour. Financial sector should set highly responsible business standards, thus being a credible instrument for the promotion of socially responsible business in other sectors as well. There are numerous ways to achieve this goal, probably the simplest one being the analysis of environmental, social and managerial performance of the clients, as the essential precondition for providing credit support. Since 2003, the global financial sector, together with the United Nations Environment Programme, has been working on achieving the development goals and promoting the correlation between sustainability and financial results. Through networking, research and training, UNEP FI has been conducting its mission to identify, promote and implement the best environment and sustainability practices in financial institutions at all operational levels.

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