Application of 5S Tool in the Banking Sector of the Republic of Serbia

Scientific review article
Author: Marija Stojmenović
doi: 10.5937/bankarstvo2104060S
Keywords: 5S tool, lean manufacturing, banking
JEL: M11, L15, D24, G21

Summary: Every organization strives to achieve efficient business. In order to improve efficiency in one organization, various techniques, methods and tools are used in practice. One of these tools is the 5S tool, which enables the organization of the workplace in such a way so as to perform work in an efficient, effective and safe way. The application of a tool implies that a certain thing is placed in a certain place for easier identification when the time comes for its use. The 5S tool refers to 5 words derived from Japanese terminology that begin with the letter S, and which describe workplace practices that lead to visual control and lean production: seiri (sort), seiton (set in order), seiso (clean), seiketsu (standardize) and shitsuke (implement). The aim of this paper is to consider the application of the 5S tool in the banking sector of the Republic of Serbia, at the level of selected banking branches. The results of the research showed that the total average application of this tool in the analyzed branches is 48.6%.

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