Scientific review article
Autor: Svetlana Pantelić
JEL: N24, N44
doi: 10.5937/bankarstvo1604178P

Summary: The main characteristics of the 5-dinar banknote of the Privileged National Bank of the Kingdom of Serbia, convertible in silver, are: dimensions 115x68mm, light blue, featuring the image of Miloš Obilić on the banknote’s obverse and on its watermark, with the different dates of issuance ranging from 1 September 1916 to 18 September 1918. The first banknotes were printed already on 19 September 1916. Towards the end of the second quarter of 1917 Banque de France finalized the printing of 4 million pieces of 5-dinar banknotes in the nominal value of 20 million dinars. The printing of this banknote continued until 18 September 1918. Although the declaration of the National Bank stated that the date of releasing the 5-dinar banknote into circulation was 18 September 1918, its actual release into circulation did not start until the National Bank returned from Marseille to Belgrade on 16 February (1 March) 1919. The amount planned for circulation was 10,900,000 pieces of banknotes, in the nominal value of 54.5 million dinars. According to some opinions, the total amount of these banknotes was actually higher, i.e. 12,175,000 pieces, and there were 487 different dates of their issuance. The withdrawal of the 5-dinar banknote from circulation was performed by the National Bank in 1932, the deadline for its replacement being set at 18 July 1935.

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