Strategy as a Determinant of Organizational Culture - Case Study: Bank A

Original scientific paper
Author: Olivera Živković
doi: 10.5937/bankarstvo2003010Z
Keywords: organization, organizational culture, banking, strategy, bank, financial institutions
JEL: D23, L20, M14


Summary: Modern business conditions are characterized by an increasingly more dynamic and turbulent environment, due to that, the biggest challenge for organizations is how to transform the existing organizational culture in the direction of an organization that learns and adapts quickly to changes in the business environment. Changes in the Serbian financial market often lead to changes in the ownership structures of banks, which caused larger or smaller changes in their strategic orientations. The aim of this paper is to clarify the dependence between strategies and organizational cultures of banks, as two crucial concepts in the management of financial institutions, all based on practical knowledge. The paper will use the case study method on the case of bank A. The usefulness of this paper is based on the fact that the presented knowledge will provide insight to the employees of bank A and other participants in the Serbian financial market about the importance of activities that contribute to creating and maintaining adequate organizational culture within the banking system. Also, this paper can be useful for all legal entities that operate within other business activities.

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