Socio-Economic Aspects of Cash Withdrawal From Use

Scientific review article
Author: Marija Stojmenović
doi: 10.5937/bankarstvo2003102S
Keywords: cashless society, cash withdrawal from use, digitalization, technological innovations, financial innovations
JEL: E42, O30, A13


Summary: The notion of a cashless society is slowly becoming an inevitability of the modern way of doing business. Withdrawal of cash from use is the result of wide application of information and communication technologies. Increasing digitalization has contributed to the fact that most transactions are performed via smart devices (phones, tablets, desktops), without the use of cash and without going to the bank. The development of technological innovations, as well as innovations in finance, has undoubtedly contributed to increasing efficiency in business, but the question is whether the increasing digitalization of life and business, which is reflected in the creation of a cashless society, is still so desirable for humanity. The paper focuses on the socio-economic aspects of withdrawing cash from use. On the one hand, states are given the opportunity to influence economic activities even more directly through their central banks, while on the other hand, the issue is raised concerning human freedoms and rights in the digital world, in which it will be possible to electronically control the entire business.

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