Her Majesty the Transaction

Expert article
Author: Radmila Gaćeša
doi: 10.5937/bankarstvo2102178G
Keywords: Transaction; Payment; remittance; efficiency; global distribution; imperative


Summary: The transaction is one of the unavoidable phenomena of the modern world. The transaction is accessible, ubiquitous, global, and necessary, hence the number of transactions and the number of users is constantly increasing, as statistics regularly confirm. Generators of further development of transactions in the world of financial and especially banking services are certainly ICT companies together with numerous providers that develop and improve information and communication technologies, and make available reliable information transmission systems without which the world of transactions we know today would not be possible. Banks pay special attention to the further development and improvement of each individual type of transaction. In doing so, banks actively cooperate with ICT companies, sending initiatives and giving ratings, and appropriate support, as they are vitally interested in providing innovative services and types of transactions to their existing and potential clients

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