Application of the EDAS Method in the Evaluation of Bank Efficiency in Serbia

Original scientific paper
Author: Prof. Radojko Lukić
doi: 10.5937/bankarstvo2102064L
Keywords: efficiency; banks; Serbia; determinants; EDAS method
JEL: C02, C44, C61, G21


Summary: Recently, as it is known, the evaluation of the performance (efficiency) of banks is increasingly performed on the basis of multi-criteria analysis. With this in mind, this paper analyzes the efficiency of banks in Serbia based on the EDAS method. In this context, adequate measures have been proposed to improve the efficiency of banks in Serbia in the future. The obtained results of empirical research using the given method show that the efficiency of banks in Serbia has recently significantly improved. It was the best in 2019. It was positively influenced by numerous macro and micro factors (economic climate, living standard, political stability, digitalization of business).

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