Bankarstvo Journal issue 3/4-2022






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  • Editorial

    Author: Darko Šehović

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  • The Influence of CSR as an Element of Corporate Image on the Performance of Bank Operations

    Original scientific paper
    Autor: Prof. Nikola Radivojević, Radojko Damjanović, PhD, Dević Željko, PhD
    doi: 10.5937/bankarstvo2204010R
    Keywords: CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility; panel analysis; financial sector; the performance of bank operations.
    JEL: G21, G39, G32

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  • Analysis of Cyber Threats as a Risk Factor in the Banking Sector

    Original scientific paper
    Author: Nemanja Jakovljević

    doi: 10.5937/bankarstvo2204032J

    Keywords: cyber threats; operational risk

    JEL: G21, G32

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  • Deferred Income Tax in Multinational Banks: a Case of Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia

    Original scientific paper
    Author: Stefan Vržina

    doi: 10.5937/bankarstvo2204066V
    Keywords: income tax, deferred tax, materiality, banks, multinational banks.
    JEL: G21, H25

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  • Determinants of Bank Business Success: A Study of Selected Cases from Former Yugoslav Countries

    Original scientific paper
    Author: Vesna Marić, PhD, Prof. Svetlana Ignjatović, Prof. Danijela Anđelković

    doi: 10.5937/bankarstvo2204094M
    Keywords: uspeh poslovanja banaka; determinante poslovanja; makroekonomski faktori; mikroekonomski faktori; panel analiza; metoda fiksnih efekata; metoda slučajnih efekata
    JEL: G21, C22, C52, C53

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  • Analysis of Financial Performance and Efficiency of Banks in Serbia Using Fuzzy LMAW and MARCOS Methods

    Original scientific paper
    Author: Prof. Radojko Lukić, PhD
    doi: 10.5937/bankarstvo2204130L
    Keywords: bank; FLMAW-MARCOS method; financial performance; efficiency; Serbia
    JEL: D40, G21

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  • Determinants and Consequences of User Trust in Mobile Banking

    Original scientific paper
    Author: Ivana Nedeljković
    doi: 10.5937/bankarstvo2204170N
    Keywords: mobile banking; trust; security; TAM model; satisfaction; affective commitment; intention of use
    JEL: G21, J28, G41

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  • Original scientific paper
    Author: Ahmedin Lekpek, Zenaida Šabotić
    doi: 10.5937/bankarstvo2204202L
    Keywords: Islamic banking, central bank, monetary policy, monetary policy instruments, financial instruments

    JEL: E58, E52, Z12

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  • Barometer

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  • Instructions for Authors

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